Duties and Responsibilities of Coaches
A coach is responsible for: 

The conduct and performance of his/her team, assistants and parents

The appointment of his/her assistants, pending BCRL Board approval

Dissemination of rules and league changes to his/her assistants, players and families

Field preparation and care of league equipment

Attendance at work details, fund-raising events, and other projects approved by the BCRL Board, as well as for participation in these activities by his/her players and their families

Turning in all equipment/uniforms by the date set by the District Representative.  A coach shall be held accountable for any equipment or money for which he is responsible

Attendance (himself/herself or a representative of the team) at regular league meetings during his sport’s season.  No one may represent more than one team.  Failure to attend will be grounds for disciplinary action, which may include loss of scheduled practice time

Failure to abide by the rules shall be reason for penalty.  Extra duties may be given to exonerate the guilty party.  Failure to fulfill the penalty, or repeated failure    to fulfill responsibilities, will be grounds for dismissal.